XFX 7850 with AMD FX-6100. Any issues?

MOBO- Gigabyte M68MT-S2 Revision 3.1
HDD- 1TB Seagate Barracuda
OS- Windows 7
Fans- 2 120 MM, and one CPU fan

I was wondering ( because I'm buying a new GPU-PSU-CPU combo) if: are all the listed items compatible with eachother?, will the CPU will bottleneck the GPU?, and will the PSU can handle everything?

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  1. Get this gpu instead. It is the same price and will easily outperform yours
    or get this 7850 instead
    you won't need more than this
    If you get this it will total to $430 or 400 depending on gpu. What is the price of the combo?
  2. I'm not worried about price. only compatibility. Now, to answer my earlier question, will all the items listed work? or is there anything that will conflict?
  3. bulldozer FX(4100,6100,8150) sucks in games so buy phenom II X4 965 or piledriver FX (4300,6300,8350) ,if you are going to buy piledriver FX you have to wait until gigabyte release bios update for this motherboard to support piledriver FX processors.
    all the parts you chose are compatible with each others.
    EDIT: 850w PSU overkill for the parts you picked these tow PSUs should be more than enough
  4. I really hate to have to repeat myself... Again. I DO NOT care about price, nor do I need suggestions. All I want to know , is if all these components will work together? to quote my first post, will the GPU bottleneck the CPU? and will the PSU be enough to handle EVERYTHING in my system?
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    Yes they will work together, no that gpu wont bottleneck the cpu and yes the PSU is plenty enough to handle everything. Welcome :)
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