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What are these people smoking???

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  1. Bathsalts...

    or... Maybe they're hoping someone else is on bathsalts and mis-reads the sale price and buys an out-dated graphics card for the price of of buying a decent used car...
  2. Whew! I knew that the 6990 was older technology but I didn't think it would appreciate in value like a classic car or something! I'd like to meet the sucker who fell for that "Deal" just so I could heckle him! LOL!
  3. nbelote said:

    I once knew a girl, who injected like 3 marijuana's, she died.

    ....side note, i wonder why no one has bought this certified pre-owned wonderdeal yet...
  4. I thought it was a typo at first, so I hit the check out button and bam, 5967.35 still. I almost just want to call these people and ask if this is a really bad joke, or a serious typo. I could build a monster rig for 6 grand lol
  5. it is not available anywhere so there is a mistake in price or the web master is not very ....
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    scout_03 said:
    it is not available anywhere so there is a mistake in price or the web master is not very ....

    I'd say time to fire that webmaster either that or they honestly don't give a **** about their e store and choose to rely on brick and mortar. With that said yea if that is a serious price then I'd love to meet their dealer because they are smoking some awesome ******
  7. company base in dallas and ship from los angeles
  8. That card was only what like 600-800 tops new?
  9. samuelspark said:

    $9,700, for 600 GB 15K RPM HDD that is no match against a RAID of SSDs and 7.2K RPM HDDs in any category...

    samuelspark said:

    In stock. Limit 2 per customer.

  10. Ugh... Thats why I dispise apple.
  11. That hard drive, it has to be a typo!
  12. -___________________________________________________________________-
  13. zpwslayer said:

    Four 7970s in CF setup:

    $430 * 4 = $1720

    And toss in another $1000-$2000 for extreme watercooling to OC the heck out of the monster setup. And that's still nowhere close to the 6990's inflated price.

    Anyone that tries to explain how a 6990 priced at the so-called suggested retail price of $7459.19 $5967.35 despite being second-hand can do better than four highly OC'ed 7970s is either delusional and thinks that it's still the early 2000's, or is a very persuasive person.

    EDIT: Web of Trust gave that website a low rating in Trustworthiness category. I wonder why.
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