Your opinion of my new build

just want your opinion on my new budget build

case: Aerocool X Warrior Black Ed. (2x2 fans á 2k rpm in front, 2x2 fans á 2k rpm on side)

CPU:i5 3570K 3.4GHz Ivy Brirge

CPU cooler:H70 with 2x2 fans á 2k rpm,

Mobo:AsRock Z77 Pro 3

RAM:8 GB Corsair

GPU:2x XFX HD 7870 2GB Crossfire

PSU:GS800 Corsair

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  1. Awesome :sol:
    btw, why you want to buy 2 GPUs?
    if you want lower "strain" to your power supply, its practical to buy only 1. something like gtx 680 (price is about same with 2x 7870 i think)

    anyway this is good! :sol:
  2. thanks m8, prolly gonna go for a new 7970 but the reason for the crossfire is because I have 1 old 7870 so i thought buying another one would be a cheap upgrade.
    Anyways thanks for the response m8 :)
  3. you're right! its cheap upgrade.
    no problem
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