Need Compatibility Help with GPU upgrade

I want to upgrade my GPU for gaming but I am not sure about compatibility issues. I bought my pc in April 2009. The specs are below. I am thinking of upgrading to a 7850 or 7870 card and would like to know:

1) will it work in my system? 2) is it significant enough of a boost to be worth it? 3) are there any obvious bottleneck concerns you see in my specs so that I would not get the full bang from the new GPU? 4) if a card is pci 3.0 will it also work in my system which has pci 2.0?

Thank you for your help!!

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: ATI Radeon HD 4870 with 1GB and xion super nova 800w power supply

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: CPU intel i7 920@2.66 8/4 cores, ASUS p6t motherboard(i7 x58/DDR3) , 6GB ram Corsair DDR3, , full tower w/ fans


MONITOR RESOLUTION:1920x1080 currently-- possible 3 monitor in future for sim racing

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    Hey, you should be able to upgrade to that graphics card no issue. You have more than an adequate PSU, your motherboard can handle a tri fire or triple SLI so one card is no issue, I would go with a HD 7870, it is a big difference in power consumption and performance compared to your old card, and they make a mean crossfire if you ever decide in the future that you need more power. The only bottle neck that I could possibly see is the older generation i7 but you won't really notice it, worst come to worst, stick an aftermarket CPU cooler on it and overclock it a bit.
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