If i was to sell this pc...

the specs would be...

I5-3570K oc@ 4.5GHz
geforce gtx 660 ti (evga)
gigabyte Z77x-D3H
8gb corsair xms3@1600MHz
cooler master hyper 212 evo
corsair GS700
1tb seagate barracuda
windows 7 (64-bit)
ssmasung dvd drive (stealthed cover)
corsair vengeance c70 w/ 2 extra noctua 120mm fans and individual pci fan controllers for all 5 fans

i was wondering, if i build this rig, loaded os, overclocked it..... (made it usable) and sold it, how much could i get for it??
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  1. I'd say plug the parts into PC Part Picker and maybe subtract $100 - $150 off of what it suggests.
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