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I am having an issue and i think it is my video card but wanted to ask. Every so often my computer will just shut down when i am in the middle of some online games. So i figure it was video card. I will tell you what i have and see if you can help me.

I just put in a new video card Radeon HD6850 by HIS.
A new power supply a CoolerMaster 500w extreme power plus.
The original computer i have is an ASUS CG1330 and those are only things i have changed in it so far.

I was wonderin if i did not have a big enough power supply or if the graphics card may be bad for me.

thanks for any help

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  1. Look at the eventviewer at the exact time when the computer shuts down. There may be some codes there that may help resolve the issue.

    Other than this, get the latest Windows updates and update your dx components.
  2. i wouldnt blame the wattage of your power supply, but the brand itself. cooler master doesnt make the best quality psu's
  3. just looked up your power supply, looks like it will put out 430w, right before it explodes. i would try another power supply if you have one around.
  4. erm guys. I have a FSP 500watt aurum GOLD. FSP is a good brand and my psu supplies at least 90%. I am using it for a i7 2600k and a gtx 560 asus dcu2 non ti. is that ok
  5. Is there a way to determine how much wattage my computer is using? Maybe a program i can download or something that tells me?
  6. What are a few good brands for psu?
    Or even some recommendations for me would be great also.
  7. i like antec. corsair and seasonic are also quality brands. again im not saying this will fix your problem, but would be this first thing i address.
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