My pc keeps freezing while doing key things

Hello, Im a first time PC builder and i have finished my build i have been playing games such as minecraft dayz and battlefield also far cry 3 when i play dayz and i turn the 3d resolution to full to make it look nicer it freezes after 5 to 30 mins and also when i record with fraps and turn my settings down to normal it works fine for about 10 mins then crashes another thing when i play minecraft the same thing happens when recording
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  1. Your PC is probably overheating. Download a program like speedfan and keep an eye on the temps.
  2. What are the parts in your build? CPU, GPU, PSU, etc
  3. We need to know your parts. This could be a number of things. Please include the brand and model of your PSU, not just its wattage.
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