$400 PC Build?

So im wondering if I could possibly build a gaming PC that can play games on High (like Dark Souls) for a budget of $400.

What I already have:

Mouse and Keyboard
DVD Drive

Im not sure if the PSU I have would need to be replaced to suit the needs
So here is some info.
+12V1@18A, +12V2@18A, +12V3@15A
All at 450W
The brand is Coolmax.

What I need:

PSU (if mine isnt good enough).

$400 would be my spending limit for the missing components. I could go up to maybe $415.
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  1. I just took a look over on PCPartpicker and they coincidentally built a budget PC for a Reddit user.


    If I take out the items that I already have it comes outs to $375.27.
    The left over funds could be used for improvements in another area like graphics card or processor.
    It also comes out to $335 giving me a bit more to spend if my PSU can do the job.
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