What graphic card will be suffice for watching BRrip ' HD movie output to a 50'


I am building a new PC for playing Blue-Ray Rip 1080p video out to a 50' LED TV , what kind of graphic card or how much the graphic card memory will be suffice to play these 1080P video without any latency and better quality ?

1. Do graphic card memory quantity matters ?
2. Do I need to take CPU into consideration ?
Would dual cores be enough ?
3. Will there be a difference if i play a 1080P video on a higher than 1920*1080 resolution ? which is looking better ?
(If the LED TV is supported higher than 1920*1080 resolutions)

Most of the TV has branded 1080P output features , i don't know if it means it only support maximum of 1920*1080 resolution , if I get a decent GPU that supported higher than 1920*1080 ,would the TV make it out ? would the quality be better or not ?

Any advice and suggestions will be greatfuilly recieved
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  1. 1.) For video playback no
    3.)No there are NO TV's able to reproduce > 1080p unless you paid $10.000(tenthousand) dollars or more for it.
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