3Ds Max 2011 not running properly in windows8


I have installed windows 8 and It gave a message that it will affect MAX but I ignored as in MS compatibility link, it showed it compatible
now there is no problem in opening a project and its display
But when I do zoom on model then it shows problem as it shows a image of my model on screen
and even I can't see exit menu and I use task manager for that. all menu comes behind that image.
if I minimize my MAX then too it shows on my screen
But when I terminate my Max then it don't show any problem like that.
Is there any solution? in view port menu it shows display driver (nvidia quadro fx 540 direct x 9) and when I checked my direct x version it is directx 11

if I can't get over ride of that then tell me which version of max will suit?

My earlier version of windows 7 is not running so tell me if I can get Windows 7 after running my setup on windows 8(it will help me without wasting time in experimenting)

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  1. Configure 3dstudio max to run viewports in direct x 9 or open gl, that card can't run direct x 10 or 11 even if the software is installed.
  2. also, you might need to install the windows 7 video drivers from the card manufacturer's website as the generic windows 8 windows update drivers will not work with open gl because it's Microsoft's rival technology.
  3. Hello. Just following up. We have produced a list of programs that are expected to work on Windows 8. 3ds max is one of them:


    Windows 8 operates in a similar but different fashion, as such, you may run into additional hurdles. Turn off Windows UAC in windows 8- this is different than in Win7.


    Turn off Antivirus and any competing programs.

    Check your installed programs list, if you have a program called "Displaylinkcore" uninstall it, you can reinstall after. This driver has caused blocakage in the past on some versions.

    Then try to install. If this does not work, look at the processes and programs that are running, shut the excess ones off, or boot into a diagnostic mode and try to install there

    Refer to this thread.


    It might help others as this thread is too old.
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