New Graphics Card Defective? Radeon HD 7750

Current setup:
AMD Phemon 9750 Quad Core Processor 2.40 GHz
64-bit Windows 7
300W Power Supply

Recently had trouble where my comp would turn on, but no signal to the monitor, and just a series of repeating beeps (1 long followed but 2 short). So far I've gotten around that by bypassing the graphics card and plugging straight into the motherboard. This led me to believe my graphics card was dead, so I bought a new Radeon HD 7750.

When I plug this into the computer and hook up the monitor, the system fully boots up properly (including twinkly noise of a successful bootup) with no error beeps, however I get no signal whatsoever to my monitor.

Went into BIOS to see about disabling the onboard graphics, but the line that I believe handles this is greyed out. I've uninstalled the previous drivers. Could this be a power supply issue from my lowly 300W? The fan on the card runs so I know it's not completely void of life.

Any help would be great! I'm not too computer literate so please keep that in mind in your answers. Thanks so much!
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  1. What's the make and model of the power supply?
  2. Acer - PS-6301-08A - Power Supply Aspire 300W
  3. Yeah thats not a good one at all. Id get a new one. Here's a good one thats not to expensive.
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