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Hi people ! I want to ask, i am building a computer for gaming/recording/videoediting/. It does not must be strictly Eyefinity, but i was thinking, that it look cool, and it would made my job easier. I work as a stock trader, so if i could play on one monitor, on second i could check the stock and on third i could have skype calls, that would be great. I was thinking what could be good setup with everything under 3000$, and i ended with http://pcpartpicker.com/p/v0lv . I dont know if 3GB 7970 would be better card for eyefinity, but i saw great reviews on these two cards, so i picked these. Also, i wanted to make it look good, so i tried to combine mobo with case and RAMs. So please, do not touch that if it will not be necessary.
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  2. Hmm... thanks for junking me, now it will have zero answers...
  3. It'll be fine (Late reply XD)
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