What do you think of my build?

What do you think I could sell this for? How did I do ?

First my PROOF:

All in a Thermaltake Chaser MK-I FULL ATX Case with blue LED Lighting:

LG 22" LED 1080p Monitor
i5-2500k 3.3 Stock Clock 3.7 Turbo also over clockable
Corsair H50 Water Cooled CPU
ASUS PZ68 Motherboard
Corsair CX750 80 Plus Bronze
16 GB 1866 Overclocked Ram
2 MSI GTX 680 Lightning's in SLI (AKA BAD ASS)
LG Blu-Ray Drive
40-in-one Card Reader
160Gb 10,000 RPM Hard Drive
LED Light Kit

This thing is amazing, the windows experience ratings are:
Processor: 7.5
Graphics: 7.9
Gaming Graphics: 7.9
Storage: 5.9

This computer plays all games at default ultra settings and has super high frame rates.
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    Add up all the parts prices and subtract 15%-25% and that's what you should be able to sell it for.
  2. Why did you go all out with the SLI video cards 16 gb of ram and then put in that tiny 160Gb hard drive and no SSD?
  3. I got a steal on the Graphics Cards and the ram.
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