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My notebook was the worst investment i have ever spent money on. I bought it in may and it has had to be reset god knows how many times and has been back to the manufacturer twice.

I received it back yesterday after one of its repairs (new hard drive) and now it is saying that it cant find the graphics card, it does not show up in device manager and the nevidia web site cant find it either.

Please help.

spec is
i5 intel at 6gig of memory running windows 7 64bit
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 555M
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  1. Did you get the drivers from Asus or Nvidia? (you can download directly from here and is the version I recommend you use vice the "autodetect" tool)
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply, i have tried both. Both of them say cannot detect hardward.
  3. In Device Manager, is there an unknown device being indicated (yellow/exclamation point)?
  4. If you're in the North America region and want to send me the RMA #s in a PM or email, I can look into things a bit. Unfortunately I can only look up cases from North America, so if you're in another region it limits my options considerably.
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