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Hi I am building a new system and I need help. So far I have just about everything (specs below). I got $430 for Christmas and I am not sure what parts to buy with it. I still need the GPU but I want to get an aftermarket heat sink (I have the stock one) ,and a new hard drive. I have two hard drives already. One is a 120gb Sata hard drive I got from a 7 year old computer and the other is a new 160gb IDE hard drive I found at a garage sale for $2. I will be using this rig for gaming so I'm looking for the best performance without having to spend any more money after this to upgrade anything for a while. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

specs (so far)
CPU: am3 phenom ii x4 955 be
ram: 4gb pny 1333 mhz
power supply: ultra 600w
case: Rosewill challenger u3 gaming edition
motherboard: Asus am3+ m5a97 r2.0

So far i really like the sapphire 7950 oc edition for $300:

I also found a 1.5 tb hard drive for $75:
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  1. The 955BE will likely bottleneck the 7950 a little.

    People will tell you the WD Green drives suck. I use one and don't notice any difference between it and my old 7200rpm drive.
  2. well i plan to play at 1080p and if i get a good heatsink, overclock. would that make very much of a difference
  3. I would say to go for an i3 3220 instead.
  4. i have already bought it. aren't all i3's dual core?
  5. Yes they are dual core CPUs. They will outperform a 965be on a core to core basis (which matters for gaming) very much.

    Take a look here:,3106-5.html
  6. now i kind of regret buying amd now. It's to late now
  7. Your best bet is to grab a coolermaster hyper 212 evo and overclock your CPU.
  8. sounds good but what about the gpu? also i noticed your specs and am wondering how well it plays games like crysis 2 and metro 2033
  9. I haven't played either of those but I get about 45 fps on skyrim on ultra with FXAA enabled and all distances set to furthest.

    Funny story, tomorrow or the next day I am going to be getting an i3 3225 and an msi z77 motherboard from microcenter because they have a clearance sale and I get the board for free.
  10. wow thats pretty good. also does microcenter have better deals than newegg?
  11. On processors and motherboards, ALWAYS. With certain CPUs (3225, 3570k, 3770k, and every AMD CPU) you get $40 off any compatible motherboard.

    Their CPU prices are also usually $20 to $40 cheaper then newegg.
  12. do if i buy the 212 how much of an overclock do you think i can get?
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  14. the 212 is a lot better cooler than i thought and its only $30. thats definetly in my cart. should i just buy the sapphire 7950 or is there something better for around the same price?
  15. I would say to go for it. I like AMD cards and its a good price.
  16. thanks for the help man. i'm going to leave the thread open just in case anybody else wants to add anything.
  17. Anytime.
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