Radeon 6770 shuts off screen at first windows loading screen

ok i have been searching and my problem is similar but not the same as everyone elses.

cleaned computer of dust build up, found cpu fan on wrong side of coolmaster cooler fighting the case fan lol, fliped it to the other side. (previous owner). blew out video card used a qtip and cleaned off the gunk off the fan blades. re installed video card turned on comp right after boot a loud noise from the computer (fan) flipped the power supply off opened it turned it back on the video card fan at log on screen made loud noise then got stuck, shut it off took the thing apart found a brand new fan from china 12month warrenty 9.99 free shipping, can take over 12 days to ship. took like a week. put it all back together forgot the 6 pin first boot, plugged in dvi showed up shut off, so i switched to hdmi, shut off. tried the clean drivers etc process, on board works fine plug card in boot and it shows foxconn logo then when it hits windows screen shuts off. tired re boot, del to enter setup monitor shuts off.....hope the cards not bad
i mean it didnt get a chance to overheat i put a new fan on and now it wont work...
my plan was to upgrade to 6 or 8 core and crossfire mother board and run 2 of these now im thinking of playing with onboard graphics. this is what makes me hate computers
PhenomII x4 830 2.8
foxconn a88gmv
8 gigs ram
his hd radeon 6770 1gb ddr5
power supply not sure if needed ill take out to look
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  1. Have you had any Windows updates as of late? I had one that installed a driver for my LCD and it killed my connection. I rolled back Windows, deselected it from the list and it was fixed. Make sure you don't have any driver conflicts like onboard vga driver installed. Also, in the BIOS, make sure that you have the pcie vga selected.
  2. well i have to say i figured it out and i hope this fixes everyone elses card that didnt fry. i tightened the back screws with the springs to tight and the heat sink contacted something. after pulling my hair out i decided to take it back apart and lightly tighten the screws and used a light and could see how close things were, pluged the card in and boom its working so far.... hope thats it.
  3. I lost my breath reading your first post and had to get some oxygen.

    Glad you fixed it before anymore of us passed out.

  4. Reynod said:
    I lost my breath reading your first post and had to get some oxygen.

    Glad you fixed it before anymore of us passed out.


    Whew! I thought it was just my new super-duper spectacles that were responsible for that text overload! :lol:
  5. I guess i never updated this, it shut off again, turns out im a smart guy and i had to clean off the old thermo cool crap you put between the heat sink and the gpu and replace it with fresh glob lol no problems for a couple years now. Durrr lol
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