AMD Radeon HD 7670m Switchable Graphics Problem

Hi.. I have Dell Inspiron 5520 with switchable graphics Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 7670m. For few games like Batman Arkham City, it works well. But for other Games like The Witcher II and Max Payne III my laptop uses Intel graphics card rather than AMD GPU even if i select high performance from AMD control catalyst control panel.Consequently, these games runs at very low frame rate. Can someone help me in this regard please???
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  1. AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics is notorious for their bugs and errors. I have two suggestions two allow your computer to run faster.

    First is to address the problems with your card not switching. If you enter the BIOS settings their should be a choice between 'dynamic' and 'fixed' graphics options. Check on 'fixed.' This should allow you to switch what card you are using to run everything, as opposed to switching for specific programs (which often doesn't work.)

    Secondly, in order to increase the performance of your card you can get Leshcats drivers from These drivers are ones released by AMD, but since for switchable graphics you have to wait for the manufacturer to release them, which they often don't, Leshcat releases them and they run on all platforms.

    Hope this helps. :)
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