Is my PS enough?

I am running 2 Nvidia GTX 465 video cards, i7 920, 6 gb RAM, 2 10,000 rpm WD raptor hard drives @ 600gb for games and stuff, 1 320 gb for OS, 1 WD 1 TB, for User files, and a DVD rewriter. All this and several USB devices(keyboard mouse ad Creative wireless headphones)powered buy a 850 watt ps. Do I need to be looking for a 1000w ps? I am starting to see Video card problems like one will stop working for seemingly for no reason. I restart the computer and everything works again. I do have all the latest drivers, I check for updates weekly. So it is either one of the video cards or the ps I would think. Also I am running 3 LCD displays and I am going to get a 4th that is 3D ready, will going 3D use more power? Any ideas?
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  1. If you game in 3D, yes, it takes twice the gpu power. What brand of psu are you using? I would think that 850w would be plenty. SLI does have its issues, that's why I always recommend the fastest single graphics card you can afford.
  2. What make/model of PSU are you currently using? How old is it?

    Also, how are your system temperatures at idle and under load?

    Last (for now), what, if anything, are you overclocking (CPU, GPU, memory)?
  3. I have a similar set-up GTX460 SLI ... my strider 750W has worked well. The make & model psu you have is key info - they are not all made the same(or deliver what they are rated for)
  4. It is a 2 year old Corsiar 850w I realize that age does lower the power output. No overclocking on either CPU or RAM. The GPU(GTX 465 is a factory overclocked 460)is not either. I do not know the temps, my case is VERY well ventilated, 5 fans. I will install speedfan if you think Heat is an issue.
  5. Download, install, and run hwmonitor (just google it) and run the background while gaming. Report back with the results.
  6. I installed HW monitor

    i7 Core temps @ max

    #0 62c
    #1 58c
    #2 59c
    #4 58c

    GPU #1 80c
    GPU #2 76c

    I played Fallout NV @ ultra high settings for 30 min.
  7. The GPUs are a bit warm, but not terrible. CPUs are good under load. What are your idle temps?

    Also, run the game/hwmonitor again with the case side panel removed. What are the temps. BTW, this looks at air flow problems contributing to your GPU temps (in particular).
  8. when the GPUs are idle 60c and 55c. The CPU cores run mid 40c - 50c at idle. I probably need to do a good cleaning of the GPU fans and case fans. I guess it time to break out the canned air. I haven't done that for over a year. I'll check the temps without at case side but I believe it just needs some housekeeping.
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