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Can my Mobo (info in post) handle a graphics card? (DDR5)

Here's a link to my mobo:

I was wondering of my motherboard can use PCI Express 3.0 (it says PCI Express 2.0, but I've heard it's backwards compatible) and/or if it can handle GDDR5 Graphics cards?

I was thinking of getting:


I currently run a GeForce GT 440. Is there anything else I should know? Such as monitor frame cap? Power supply or anything I've missed?

(If it helps my power supply's wattage is 530 and caps at 630)
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    Don't get GTX 650, it's a very bad card. GTX 650 Ti is a much better card.

    Your motherboard will support it for sure. I'd be more worried about the power supply unit. Does it have a 6-pin connector to power up the card?
  2. gddr5 is the type of ram the card uses so it has nothing to do with compatibility. the motherboard will support the card and there probably will be no loss in performance due to the fact that the mobo has a pcie 2 slot
  3. Sweet and double sweet. How would I check if my power supply has a 6-pin connector?
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  5. Open up the PC and check free cables. It looks like this:

  6. Alright, that was incredibly simple. It does seem to have a 6-pin connector. Yellow wires, six pins and coming from the power supply.
  7. Ok, great. That means GTX 650 Ti will work. And that's the card I suggest you get :).
  8. Wonderful, you guys are great. Thanks for the info.
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