1 GB vs. 2 GB card to run Premiere Pro CS6


I am building a custom PC to run Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I will be using an Asus maximus gene V motherboard and Intel i7-3770k. I am on a tight budget and was wondering if I could save some money by getting 1GB video card rather than a 2GB card. I do NOT game at all on PC. I am between GTX 650 and GTX 650ti.
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  1. Im not sure if Premier Pro supports all keplers yet, I t took them up until very recently to get them working with After Effects and I know they were pushing to get it finished for Premier

    I did a quick search and all I could come up with was this:


    As usual its very vage and only mentions the 650m and 680, I'm not sure whether or not to assume that includes everything in between..

    I found this slightly older article, that explains you can edit the config files to get them to work anyway, but I still think Fermi are in the lead for performance, if only very slightly:


    Edit: The conclusion at the bottom of the article contains all the information you should need on VRAM
  2. Actually after looking through the benchmarks of the individual codecs, the 2gb 660, seems to get the best performance, again its a very small difference, and you will have to edit the config files to get it to work...

    ....I'm sure Adobe are working on official support anyway, I really don't understand why its taking them so long if its just as simple as a quick config edit, but yea 660 seems to be the best option overall...

    ...A little confused why the 660 beats a 680 in most instances too, It really doesnt make it easy to decide, I have 570 and it works great in Premier but if I was in the market for a new card, soley for this puropse I would be extremely confused...Might be worthwhile firing up an additional post on the adobe forums for some extra feedback, some of the mods there may be able to provide some more recent updates...
  3. The 660 and 580 are about on par in preformance. I would just stick with the 580.
  4. lease download this software
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