Will Cooler master extreme power plus 600w support MSI GTX 660Ti PE 2G

i have a cooler master 600W PSU eXtreme Powerplus.. wanted to confirm if msi geforce gtx 660 Ti power edition will support it..? :)
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  1. Probably yes depending on the rest of your system, but that PSU is known to be low quality and I would replace it.
  2. NO. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/Cooler-Master-eXtreme-Power-Plus-600-W-Power-Supply-Review/1034/9
    This is a prime example of a CM unit, maybe a notch above junk. Liar-labels are the least blatant examples of their dishonesty (many companies "exaggerate"), but are an example of why I will never recommend ANY product from this company, no matter how good.
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