Choosing the right gpu for my tv..

Hello, i am hoping to get a new gpu for christmas to upgrade my 6450 which is terrible for gaming. I'm thinking of getting the radeon 7850 as it cheap and does not use that much power. I need a card right for my 32 inch tv, i want to play games on it like i would a console. Would the 7850 1gb be enough for 1080p ultra settings on bf3, far cry 3 etc.

I have a Amd 4100 black edition cpu
600w corsair gamer series psu
4gb ram

thank you
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  1. A 7850 would be enough for 1080p gaming but I doubt it will be able to run BF3 or metro2033 at ULTRA. It can do high decently though.
    If you really wan't BF3 ultra then get a 7870 or even a 660 might be able to manage bf3.
    Other games should run at ultra though
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