Best Bang for the Buck PC max $1000

So i am building a PC. I want to be able to play all games at ultra and have a decent gaming PC that can stay at the high-end for awhile.

Some things i am looking for

Top out graphics on every modern game

I will not be doing any video rendering, or using more than one monitor. Maybe 2 a times.

Basically i am building a comp. specifially for gaming only.

I would like to invest in an SSD, but then again my budget is $1000.

Can you guys construct a hypothetical computer that contains the best price to performance hardware, keeping in mind my uses for the PC. I would like to have a powerful PC a little bit over/under $1000.

I will be chiming in with feedback, THanks.
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    my build will assume you dont overclock or do dual gpu configurations
  2. If you have this budget I would recommend skipping the ssd, it isn't really necessary and going with a mobo and cpu that can overclock, you will certainly see the results, try this:
  3. honestly i dont see any result from my 3.5ghz i7 3770k and it at 4.3ghz. its not noticeable unless you are doing some work.
  4. If they want to run all modern games at the top graphics, I would recommend overclocking. And i have a ssd for windows 7 and the boot time isn't really much quicker so I just cant see spending the money on it.
  5. you see a much bigger impact on your system from going HDD to SSD while you dont see a big as of a difference by overclocking your CPU.
  6. +1 to thebigtroll

    but the times i have seen overclocking do work is when you start doing SLI/CFX or else you will see some bottlenecking
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