I need help fixing games online

I need help fixing the internet connection for games online. I have not been able to find a fix for this anywhere.

So recently I upgraded to a new rig. On my old rig I could play games fine. My new rig has full internet connection etc. and I can see servers in the server list on Steam when I am not in games, but as soon as I go into gmod the servers arent there anymore. I tried joining a friend's game through the steam overlay but I can't join. What is really weird, is that I can play saints row the third in co-op fine with a friend. My only thoughts is that possibly Norton Internet Security is blocking it.
I can also play GTA 4, private with a friend
Games that do not work are battlefield 3, gmod, killing floor. ( I have not tried GTA 4 online, besides private )

Any help AT ALL would be very greatful.

Kind regards,


p.s. I apoligize if my english is not fully correct.
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  1. try disabling norton and playing a game and re-enable it after, if it works just look through norton setttings and try and find out what setting is causing it
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