Jus finished my 1st build, I have it connected thru hdmi but....

I get I signal on my t.v jus womderin if I might be missing somethin or doin somethin wrong, hope you guys can help
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  1. leifo said:
    I get I signal on my t.v jus womderin if I might be missing somethin or doin somethin wrong, hope you guys can help

    Sorry I meant I get "no signal" on my t.v while ill I'm plugged in using an hdmi feom the mobo and the graphics card
  2. hello... do you get a signal to a standard computer monitor?
  3. leifo said:
    Sorry I meant I get "no signal" on my t.v while ill I'm plugged in using an hdmi feom the mobo and the graphics card

    how are you using HDMI from the board and graphics? if you have a discrete graphics card, then motherboard video outs will be disabled, only use the HDMI on the graphics
  4. No I get nothin coming from a monitor aswell.and my mobo has a hdmi and my graphics card has one so I tried both of them and I still get no signal from my t.v
  5. what graphics card are you running?
  6. nice card, do you realise that this card requires power other than what comes from the PCI-E slot, i do believe it requires two six pin connectors, make sure these are properly connected and then try again
  7. Agreed with Lord Tumna

    Also make sure your drivers are installed correctly and are the latest ones as sometimes there wont be HDMI support if you install them incorrectly or not at all.
  8. This is the 1st time I have boot the computer up

    These 2 cables seem to be plugged in all the way....
  9. they seem connected, do you have any memory inserted?
  10. also, what powersupply are you using?
  11. Yes I do have memory I have a 500gb hard drive and an ssd this is the power I'm using
  12. do you have any RAM?
    never seen that power supply before... however 520W should be plenty
  13. also, what is your CPU?
  14. Sorry that's my cpu
  15. is the RAM correctly positioned as per the motherboards instructions?
  16. Yes I believe so
  18. Just to clarify, the pc does turn on and all of the fans are running properly as well as the components, youre just getting no signal on your monitor/televison?

    If so, since you are using a television, make sure you have the tv switched to the proper input. Since youre using an HDMI, make sure that your tv is switched to the correct HDMI input (i.e. you plug the HDMI from the pc to HDMI 2 on tv, turn the tv input to HDMI 2). They need to match. If the tv isnt switched to the correct input, you wont get any signal at all unless something else is plugged into that input.
  19. Yes sir all fans are running and the input is correct in my television
  20. try using another output, such as one of the display ports or the DVI's
    you may have a bad card/HDMI cable
  21. when you tried the monitor, was it on the correct input as well? The tv may not be usable as a monitor
  22. hm i dont believe it has different inputs on there,i unplugged it from my desktop and i grabed my laptop plugged it in and i got picture on it right away......
  23. Do you guys know if I can switch my ram to a different slot and try that
  24. hello... yes try that...
  25. What motherboard do you have? Is it the one that is shown with the CPU combo link that you gave earlier?
  26. Yes sir it is
  27. Ok. Take the graphics card out and plug the HDMI cable into the motherboard and see if you get anything. The integrated graphics should auto select itself.
  28. Ok ima try that right now
  29. Sweet jesus it worked!!!!!!! Now it says insert boot media in selected boot device and press a I put my windows 7 cd in there now?
  30. Sure, you can continue if you want to install Windows. Just change the 1st boot device in the BIOS to your CD\DVD drive and windows should start the setup. However, this doesn't solve the GPU issue. Give me a second and lets see if we can get that GPU up and running.
  31. Ok. Reset the computer and go into the BIOS again. Under System Agent Configuration, go to Graphics Configuration and change the Primary Display option to PEG. Save and Exit. After it starts to boot or you get back to that boot device screen, turn the PC off. Insert your GPU and plug the HDMI cable back in to the GPU. Reboot and see if you get a picture. Also try both PCIe slots on the motherboard.
  32. Wait how do I get into the bios do spam delete on the keyboard?
  33. Yep. Start hitting the delete key when you power on the system. It should say something like "entering UEFI BIOS or entering setup."
  34. Ok I'm booting it up right now
  35. Ok I'm in the bios ez mode now
  36. Ok. Follow the instructions I gave to change the Primary Display and the primary boot device to CD\DVD to boot Windows cd
  37. I dont see a system agent configuration in here
  38. Go into Advanced mode at the bottom of the screen
  39. Ok I'm in advance mode
  40. Then go over to advanced, then down to System Agent Configuration and follow my instructions to set Primary Display to PEG
  41. PCIE
  42. do I put the graphics card back in
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