PC freezes at BIOS screen after installing new video card


Google seems to have a lot of information about this kind of problems, but I couldn't find the exact situation as mine.
So I installed new Asus HD6670 video card on my PC and it doesn't boot, just freezes at the BIOS splash screen. I am not able to enter the BIOS either. Even if I plug the video cable into integrated gpu slot and leave the new card inserted, PC still does the same. It only boots up if I throw the new card out and run the pc only with integrated gpu or using my old PCI video card.

I have checked all the settings on bios to make it sure it will use the PCI card.
My old video card is more power-hungry compared to the new one, so there is no way its PSU's fault.

Possible problems:
My BIOS version is very old (~2006 or 2007) but i can't update it either (at least in a regular way, using exe files provided by motherboard's manufacturer). It just fails during the process.
PCI incompatibility - motherboard supports PCI E 1.0. Now, my new Asus HD6670 is PCI E 2.1. I red that some guys having problem making work such configuration, but I put this card to my mom's PC (which is really crappy) and the pc booted just fine, so I'm having doubts about incompatibility.

Spent my whole day won this, don't know what else to do.
Any possible solutions?
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  1. Ok, so after loosing last hope I started to mess with pc's connectors, plugged off hdd, dvd-rom, ...
    I found that pc doesn't freeze when the hdd(SATA connector) is unplugged. It just goes through Bios splash screen and then tries to find missing hard drive. After plugging hdd in, previous problem occours.
    So I unplugged the hdd again and entered bios (already wrote in the first post, that I couldn't enter bios when everything is connected). Then I found that there are few options related to HDD, DVD-Rom connectors (SATA, IDE, RAID, AHCI,...) at one of the bios tabs. Using one of the options pc would boot until the windows logo appears and then it gets into neverending loop of system restarts. Using the other option System goes through bios splash screen and gives me an error, which states that it can't boot windows.
    Somehow I had an idea, that it might not boot because Windows were installed on other hdd settings so I left the last configuration I used (that which gives the booting error) and tried to install a fresh copy of windows. And what do you know, it worked!
    It seems that theres is some conflicts between new video card and some of the SATA connection settings in BIOS. I only found one instance in google, where similar problem occoured to some guy, but it seems he hadn't solved it. Heres the link http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/334526-10-possible-video-card-sata-problem
    Couldn't manage to solve the BIOS update problem though. Seems to be a quite popular issue among many Intel DesktopBoard users, doesn't matter which model is being used. Afterall it doesn't matter so much since my new video card is working properly (just went through 3dmark test, everything is fine).
    Hope this will help for other "lucky" gpu's owners :)
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