Just built a my first PC today and..

and after I finished putting my components together I noticed there was no beeping at all and the usb slots failed to work which is strange because I had my usd 2.0 connector plugged in.I'm also not getting any signal from the monitor.Now i'm pretty sure there has to be a hardware problem,but i'm just not sure which component it is.The notch on my gpu onboard gpu still spins so I can assume it's working.I can hear my HDD and optical drive so I can count those out to.I'm pretty skeptical about my motherboard since it keeps giving me a red light even when I used one ram stick at a time.The psu is giving power to my fans and mobo but it still might be faulty.

As for my build, I have a Sabertooth z77 mobo,wester digital 500gb HD,CM Storm trooper full case,i5 3570k,gtx670 gpu and a cool master 750watt psu.I've had this issue for a while and really need help.
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  1. Nothing on the list seems to work :/ .Any other options?
  2. Try take all the RAM out, then you should get three beeps for no RAM error. Otherwise your MB is gone and RMA.
  3. If you have installed the processor yourself them you might also try removing the cpu from the mainboard and turning your pc on with all the components still pluged in and than turn it off again.
    3-4 years ago similar problem used to happen to my old 755 mainboard that some how could not detect my cpu.
  4. I think I found the issue.While I was trouble shooting my pc I noticed smoke from one of my front panel connectors;so I think my psu fried everything :/.I'm going to replace my psu and,should I replace my gpu,ram and cpu while i'm at it or are those still good?
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