Blue screen after install of windows 7.

I recently upgraded some parts on my computer (actually most of it) and upon installing windows i've run into some problems. While installing windows i get to the part where it restarts and i get a bluescreen. No clue why. I was able to some how get around this and install it though. Don't remember what exactly i did but i somehow got it to install. Had some advice from a friend who said to check the memory, which turned out to be fine. Even after i installed it i would get a blue screen half the time i would start up. After about a day and a half windows started to lock up so i decided to reinstall. Took some advice and only plugged in the bare minimum of what i needed (1 hard drive, 1 disk drive, video card, ram, cpu). And tried installing on the SSD i have instead of one of the hard drives i have. Now im stuck to where i was before, having it blue screen after installing. Can't even get into safemode. Very frustrating.

Heres what i have:

AMD FX-4100
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
CORSAIR 2x 4GB 1600 MHz

Also, having a short discussion with another friend we thought that it could also be that the wattage on the power supply isn't high enough. it's only 450w so i wouldn't be surprised if this is the problem.

so what do.
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  1. Ok, so i removed 1 stick of ram and it allowed me to install windows. This leaves me pretty confused, as i've tested the RAM with memtest86 and it didn't show anything wrong with it. Could have something to do with which slot the ram is plugged into?

    Edit: Still getting the bluescreen though.
  2. NVM, figured out the problem, had the ram in the wrong channel.
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