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hey guys
im australian, and its summer over so its hot as all nothing, even with a reasonable airconditioner, ambient temperatures rise up to 30C, this obviously raises the temperature of my pc, my gpu will usually sit around 30-34C when in 2D mode and my processor will stay at about 40C, however during the day i see relatively idle temps on the procerssor climb to almost 50 and the GPU in 2D mode to almost 40, the CPU is an 15-3570 (at stock, cooler by stock) and the GPU is a HD7850 (at stock for now, it wont be anywhere near stock soon though, cooled by an arctic accelero twin turbo 2)

one more thing, i had some troubles in connecting the TT2's fans to the GPU, and long story short, i fried the GPU's fan header, i tested the card, it still performs the same, i was planning on hooking up the two fan connectors to a fan controller and manually controlling them (the connectors start as two separate cables, connect to one (and share power) and then split back to two to power the fans) at the m oment i have the cooler connected to 7 volts coming from a molex, should i connect the other cable to the second four pin outlet on my molex adapter (rated at 12 volts), connect one cable to the 12V, or is the fan controller, with each connector getting there own channel the best idea?

TL;DR: how to cool a system in australia, will adding more fans do it? and how to use a TT2 when the graphics connector is crispy fried?

Thankyou, Lord Tumnas (who accidently put twelve volts into his GPU fan connector saw smoke, and continues to game on )
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  1. also, as retarded as this might be, is it worth utilizing a low end liquid cooling loop, to help cancel out high ambient temperatures
  2. UPDATE: i connected the TT2 up to the 12v connection and removed the 7v, which instantly reduced idle tempd from 39 to 37
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