Radeon HD 7950 coil whine?

I've seen some discussion about the 7970s having an unusual amount of coil whine, but the 7950 rarely gets mentioned. Does it have the same problem? Do the "Black Diamond" chokes on the Sapphire Vapor-X models really eliminate the problem, or is that just a marketing gimmick?

I'm currently looking at the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 and wondering if I should pay $30 more for the Vapor-X version.

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  1. Basically the same card, as I have said in countless threads avoid buying cards that use SMD mounted ferrite shielded inductors (chokes/coils) as they not only buzz but also have a short life span. Go with MSI or Asus as they use much higher grade components and sometimes Gigabyte makes very high grade cards but not all from them are.
  2. How can you tell what the use?

    And the first review on Newegg for the MSI 7950 mentions coil whine >.<
  3. rma your card..
    it covered by your warranty..(at least in my country :D )
  4. nforce4max said:
    SMD mounted ferrite shielded inductors.

    what do they look like?
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