GTX 660, GTX 570 or HD 6970?

Hey i'm really looking forward to upgrading my VGA and the three cards i've listed are nearly the same price in my country so i'm not sure which card should i go for i've found that lots of reviews showed that the GTX 660 is better and sometimes it gives performance as the 580 yet on the other side i saw that sometimes the gtx 660 ain't so powerful as the others reviews showed and the GTX 570 is better than it .
I;m now really confused about the card that i should go for it .
thx in advance :)
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  1. i will recommend gtx660, it has less power consumption, it is new, and it should be powerful enough to play current and future games in high/ultra, up to 1080p
  2. thx for ur response and i've checked couple of reviews and most of them show that the 660 is the better one
  3. GTX 660 for the simple fact that its new architecture, and also pretty much outperforms the other two. My question is, why not consider the 7870? That's more of a contendor to the 660, and shouldn't be too much.
  4. unfortentely its a bit more expensive about 50 $ more than the gtx 660 in my country also i found that nvidia released a new beta driver which increase the 660 performance
  5. Yep, GTX660 is an excellent card.
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