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Hey guys so i just finished building my new rig and it is my first time ever to build a custom pc. To be honest I was very surprised and proud of myself when all the lights came on and fans started going. It's a great feeling but one problem. I have NO video. Everything is on and going but nothing on the screen. My video card is definetly hooked up properly. I have a strong feeling my hard drive isnt hooked up properly though (gut feeling). But hypothetically if that were the problem would it do that? Idk still very new to all this, like i said i was very surprised it even turned on as i did this by myself.

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  1. check all connections are properly connected and no loose connection in that . reinsert ram. without hdd u goto bios is possible.
  2. 0Okay so for some reason 1st boot up had no video then 2nd boot up had video no problem but instant blue screen. It says:


    Tech Information:
    ***STOP: 0x0000000A (0xFFFFFB40086D9248, 0X0000000000000002, 0X0000000000000001,0XFFFFF800C0F8881)
  3. When i boot up my MOBO (asrock z77 extreme 4) has a red power light on and the letters AB in red at the bottom then when the blue screen comes there out.. is it shorting out or something?
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