Sapphire Vapor X 7770 GHZ Edition or MSI Cyclone 6850

I have an opportunity to buy off a local a Brand New in Box Sapphire Vapor X 7770 Ghz Edition for $90

or a Msi Cylcone 6850 for 110 on Newegg\

Both have a 4 egg rating and they both seem to be pretty comparable to one another nad I keep reading you can OC the 6850 to be comparable to 6870. I'm confused, although the 6850 would have warranty and I don't think sapphire would honor a warranty if it was DOA. I Will buy one of these cards just need help deciding, leaning a little towards 7770
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  1. buy the 7770, the extra on the 6850 is not worth it, and they both perform the same
  2. 7770 has more advantages.

    7770 will be a little better because that a Ghz Edition.
    It is new, And available (6850 is Discontinued)
    It will run cool too, It has 2 fans and will OC nicely.

    So, don't waste time and get the 7770 ;)
    As 6850 is no longer the Choice.
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