What is wrong with my computer?

When I woke up and tried to turn on my computer it wouldn't. I checked to make sure the power cord was firmly in and even tried other power cords. It would turn on for a split second then go back off.

I opened up my case and took off the PWR GROUND and tried to turn it on using a screw driver, that didn't work. The motherboard has a green light indicating that it's on and possibly working.

I took out my power supply and put it in the one I'm using now and exact same results. However I didn't have a 4 pin connector thing that is right beside the main power connector (the mobo is an old lanparty nf4) not sure if that wouldn't allow it to turn on.

So my guess is that the power supply has went. HOW is this even possible?! I spent extra to make sure I got the best power supply I possibly could, gold certified and even modular, and yet this happens?

Now what happens? Do I have to ship it to Corsair and have them replace it? I've never done this before. Urgh this is so frustrating.

Z77 Sabertooth
8GB @ 1866ghz
i7 3770k w/ hyper 212 evo
GTX 680 Zotac AMP! Edition
old crappy hard drive (replacing soon)
DVD drive
4 x fans
Gold certified professional series ax850 corsair (sli soon)
BenQ XL2420T

I'm really worried that maybe everything else in my computer fried as well? Is that possible?
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  1. I suggest you connect the power supply on your sabertooth again; first, remove the sabertooth motherboard battery for one minute, and replace to reset the bios. Then try powering up again. Were you overclocking the cpu or video card? And you'll need the 4 pin connector on the old lan party motherboard connected if it's the white port next to the cpu, plus the cpu/heatsink, one ram stick (using your old ddr pc3200 ram if you have any), and video card to properly test your power supply. Or try the simpler paper clip test. You can google for that procedure. Good luck.
  2. Ok how would I know what the battery is and what do you mean replace it? Wouldn't that void my warranty? Also that is a huge hassle, I'd have to take the thermal armor off and probably my cpu cooler and my cpu and everything.

    No I have never overclocked yet.

    Tried the paperclip test, and same thing, the power supply would turn on for half a second then go off. I had a case fan connected to it and it would turn on but it would spin very slow.
  3. The motherboard battery is a small silver battery cell, taking it out will not void your warranty but you will need to remove the "thermal armor". Oh, Asus, is this what you must do to make money.
  4. Like a watch battery? So I replace it or do I just pop it back in? Can you show me exactly what kind of battery I would need so I don't accidentally mess anything up?
  5. I'm 99% sure its my power supply since it wont turn on so why do you still want me to see if it's my motherboard?
  6. If you look closely at your board battery, about 90% are CR2032 button batteries, sold at frys and you might even find them at walmart, given the number of battery racks they have, especially in back near electronics.
  7. this is what it looks like.
    Remove it and pop it back in.
  8. That's the one; any brand will do as long as it is a cr2032, but the power supply is the likely cause.
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