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I've been experiencing a weird issue on outlook for more than a month already. Whenever I try to attach any document to an email, I click on the attachment icon, than the browsing window pops up as usual. Than, whenever I click on that window to select a folder, everything freezes for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I'm able to open a folder, but again, it freezes for another 5 minutes. It takes forever to attach a document.. I'm working with outlook 2007 on a pc - we have windows 7 in the office.. We are multiple people experiencing the same issue on the same network but most of the people from my office don't have that issue on their computer. My I/T guys has been trying to find a solution for more than a month already with no sucess.. Hope you guys have an idea to fix this issue as it's getting very frustrating. Thanks for your help!
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  1. Something must be wrong with your computer. It posted the same message 3 times. :lol:

    Do you have a network drive that mapped to a drive letter?
  2. To add to the network drive thing, ensure that you don't have any network drives showing as "Disconnected". If you do, remove them from the system.

    If this fixes it, don't make your IT guys feel bad that they missed it, it took me a week or so to figure out what was happening with one user at my work that was having the same issue.

    What happens is that when you bring up a dialog box to select a file, or open a file, in Office, it looks at all of the drives you have, if some are not in use, it will sit there trying till it times out, so you see this long pause. In my case, this person was staring a VPN connection to another site and mapping a drive there. When she disconnected VPN, the PC no longer can get to the mapped drive, and Office hung when she tried to open a file. Removing the bad drive mapping fixed this.

    Far as I can tell this is an issue in MS Office file open dialogs only, if you open the file location first from My Computer, and drag the attachment to the email, should work fine with no delays.
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