Runtime Error 216 at 004045a6

Hi, I've just started getting the message 'Runtime Error 216 at 004045a6' whenever I try to open a program called mp3 book helper. The program ran fine yesterday. This morning, however, before I'd had my coffee and so wasn't thinking straight, I clicked on a link in an email from a friend, an email that turned out to be from someone who'd hijacked my friend's computer. Anyway, I have run a full antimalwarebytes scan, and it found nothing. Because Runtime Error 216 has been associated with the Sub7 trojan, I'm a bit nervous and am wondering what else I should do to confirm that I either do or do not have a virus somewhere on my computer. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64, by the way.
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  1. try to system restore it back to yesterday

    or try a registry cleaner like this has

    back up changes to the registry when it asks so if needed you can restore the registry
  2. Thanks! I should have mentioned that I tried that already. I ran system restore for a point 2 days ago, and I did a registry clean with Advanced System Care (and just now with CCleaner, as you suggested). I still get the error message, unfortunately.
  3. is it only that program that gives the error?

    if so uninstall and re-install it if you havent already
  4. I've tried that, too. So far it is the only program that gives me the error. It worked correctly yesterday, and it runs just fine on my other Windows 7 computer. It's a program that I use fairly frequently. I can live without it, but I'm really worried about is that the 216 error means I've got some sort of trojan infecting my computer. So far though, no scans have picked up anything that does not belong.
  5. yeah that error can be down to a trojan

    what else have you scanned with other than malwarebytes--which is a good program

    how about spybot search and destroy?

    have also seen people use this software which generates a log to look at--some one may be able to help if the

    log file shows something suspicious
  6. I'm running a scan now with Microsoft Security Essentials. I previously did a scan with something called Super AntiSpyware, which was recommended at another site. I haven't tried hijackthis yet. I'll download it now. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. no problem

    hijack this can make a log file which you can post here if need be

    might be beyond me to read it but some one here will know what to look for in it
  8. might be a bit too much for my brain as its 1 am :D

    but some one will come along who knows what it all means
  9. Thanks for your suggestions! Enjoy your weekend. I will as soon as I get this problem sorted out!
  10. malwarebytes should catch and clean this error as its more often than not caused by a trojan. it does pop occasional with non M.S compatible mice but i guess your mouse drivers are fine. so i would look at the infection side of things.

    i also notice you have a lot of security risks on your pc. things like java running as browser helper objects. its ok to have java on your machine but it does pose a threat when its allowed to attach to your browser... if you use firefox then make sure you run no script and turn off auto run scripts in the browsers options.

    you also have stardock which is a well known inroad for trojans especaily adware downloaders my guess is thats where your infection stems from...
    spooler and things like hp remote printing should be disabled if you dont have a home network and you print directly from your pc. all remote access should be disabled for that matter.
    itunes and other things need to be removed from startup and there servises set to manual... seriously m8 your pc is a walking disaster as far as security is concerned... i also dont see any antivirus all i see ith the piece of crap adv system card by iobit... a program that has been know to be issued with other companies detection libraries... its is a pants antimalware app that should be replaced asap...
    avira and malwarebytes are 2 great free apps that will give you much better protection.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. I do have Microsoft Security Essentials running, so I do have antivirus protection. As for my current problem, I booted in safe mode with networking and ran the following: malwarebytes, super antispyware, microsoft's malicious software removal tool, and spybot search and destroy. None of them found anything. Other than following your tips about removing items from my startup, which I'll do with CCleaner, is there anything else you suggest for the Runtime Error 216 message that I've been getting? Thank you again!
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