[Graphics cards] Is SLI worth it with an older card?

I have a nVidia (Gigabyte) GTX 670 and a nVidia (EVGA) GTX 580ti. Given that there is a disparity in onboard memory (the 670 has 2gb and the 580ti has 1.5gb - and if memory serves, SLI uses the lowest), would it be worth the trouble (result in better performance) running them in SLI? Or am I better served just selling the old 580ti and running the 670 alone?

Sidenote: At the moment, I'm not really in the market for a second 670. Additionally, I run games on a single monitor at 2560x1600 on an intel 3570k.
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  1. Those two cards will not run in SLi as they are two different GPU's, there has been talk of a hack that could make it work but I have no idea if the hearsay is true or not.
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