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Hey guys. Just wondering, I got an XFX HD 7770 not too long ago, and an FX-8120 Eight-Core processor. I know that the processor doesn't fit in my GIGABYTE GA-A55M-DS2 Motherboard, but does my graphics card? I have been searching it up on the internet, if it can fit (The motherboard is a PCIe 2, but people said PCIe 3 cards can fit.) But it is not working. It is not showing up on my screen. There is no visuals. It came with a DVI adapter, which I am using. My processor that I have now is an A4-3400 APU (Ew, I know.) Is that the problem? The processor can't support the card? Please help me, as I would just like to see if it can work. :D :D
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  1. What is your power supply brand and wattage? Check the 12v rail rating also. Do you have the 6 pin adapter going to your 7770?
  2. Yeah, I noticed that I don't have the 6-pin. My brand is a Thermal Master ATX12v 500w. I know it is bad. Any suggestions on power supplies?
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