HD7850 issue

Hi guys,

I bought a Gigabyte HD7850 a while ago, and it has had a few issues that I have got around. Two days ago it has started running VERY noisy (100% fan speed) When ever the computer is idle for a long time. I can't really check the temps because as soon as the screen turns back on, the video card fan speen drops back to normal.

I'm not overclocking, Idle temps are 40 degrees C(with the screen on). The card is performing as expected in game. (don't have any in game temps)

Anyone had this problem? Is this a bug due to a driver update?
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  1. Also I wonder if it could be a virus?
  2. Mod can close this thread. For a temporary fix had to under-clock my card so even if it's running at full bore the fan doesn't ramp up. I suspect it's a driver/software issue and I will rebuild my computer at some point.
  3. Did you get any errors when you installed the driver?

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