7770 now, crossfire later?

Hey guys ive been putting parts together for a budget gaming build for a while now and ive changed my mind about parts a billion times. But I was just wondering if it would be a smart idea to get a 7770 ghz 2gb gpu right now, and then when I have the money get another one later to xfire. I heard in crossfire they can perform as well as a single 7950. I wanted to hear your guys input though.

Additional notes: Id be running on an antec 620w psu
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  1. The 7770 draws a minuscule 80 W. Even in Crossfire they will draw minimal power. I believe as time goes by AMD gets better and better with the crossfire software drivers so I think you have a winner.
  2. 7770 is more like entry level gpu right now. IMO if you want multi gpu setup at least go get mid range gpu such as amd 7800 series though to be honest i have hard time to recommend CFX over SLI solution.
  3. Crossfired 7770s are about equal to a GTX 570.

    I bought a 7770 for 100$ at memory express with a price match, received a 10$ MIR and sold the far cry 3 coupon for 20$ so the big total is 70$ for the card. Then down the road I'll get another and xfire it when I end up on some similar sale.Pretty good bang for the bucks.
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