New build won't sleep/shut down

New build is as follows

Asrock H77m mobo
i5 3570
16gb (2x8) vengeance
120 GB 840 series samsung ssd
Corsair cx600 PSU
Geforce GTX 660
some LG BDROM drive
Coolermaster case

I built it with my friends about a week ago, and it ran perfectly. No problems. I ordered a few coolermaster aftermarket fans and installed them. After this, the computer will not sleep or shutdown. In both instances, windows goes through its "preparing to shut down---shutting down" and "preparing to sleep" dialogue, screen goes blank, monitor loses video input and shuts off. This is fine, except for, in both instances (sleep/shutdown) all the powered items in the case stay on. Fans (ones attached to mobo and ones attached to PSU), DVD drive, PSU fan, all stay on. This means that I have to hold the power button by hand to shut it off. That doesn't really bother me, but I'd like to leave my computer in sleep during the day when I'm away from it for an hour or so, not have to shut it down every time.

I've suspected bad PSU, but the mobo fans stay on too.

Suspect bad mobo, but that's the last thing I want to replace.

Software issues, the power settings in windows are set properly (power button shuts down etc etc)

I have also set almost every attached devices' power settings to "allow this to be powered down"

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  1. Did you try removing the added fans and seeing if it is still affected?
  2. Yes, tried that last night. When I did, the computer would boot for a second, fans would start spinning up, then it would quit, almost as if the power source had kill the start. I had my hand on the psu switch and got spooked by it and killed it. Plugged fans back in and it works normally??
  3. I also wanted to change/see what the power settings were in BIOS but ASRock has this weird UEFI set up-- I can't access any power settings in it.
  4. As in? In my UEFI BIOS, I con see stuff like all fan RPM's, how much voltage they are using, etc, etc. If you unplug all of the fans that you installed, does the computer shut down as usual?
  5. Fixed it. I read on another forum (after 6 hours of searching) to reset CMOS jumper and it worked. Shuts down perfectly now. Thanks for the consideration guys.
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