Evga GTX 670

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  1. The cheaper comes some what pre-overclocked but other than that there the same.

    so the cheaper one is better
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    The top ones are better - LE editions are power savers. Unless you're really worried 'bout your power bill, then...
  3. Top one is better i agree with DarkSable
  4. i had the gtx 670 part #2673 basicly the same it it worked very well for me ran every game i had over 60fps with maxed out graphic settings
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  6. If you guys actually know about EVGA GTX 670s... the bottom one is better...

    The FTW and FTW LE are exactly the same but the LE is factory overclocked less...

    I have no idea why they're selling the LE for less (probably because it's the older model and the stock is running low while demand is still the same since the labeling confuses consumers)
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