Will these two GPUs work with SLI, if not any better suggestions?

This is what I have already =

What I want to get =

if not I could get what I have already again but even with this should I get another GPU thats better for lack of price or maybe 2 separate ones thats cheaper with better performance (in other words is there another set I should get that would be better performance and cheaper).
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    No, that wouldn't work. For sli, you can only use the same card, preferably the same model. This is kinda hard to do. So the 560ti is probably 15-20%. So if it is, then the 560se sli is probably about 570-580 performance. If you could sell your first one, you could get a 7870 which is about 7% stronger than the 580.
  2. ??

    I have he's things on radeon cards and their reliability though, also some on nvidia of course, I am sure it's nothing major and won't really affect my performance but I would like to get your word on it.
  3. I am a little confused on your wording. I have heard nothing on radeon reliability problems. In my personal experience they are more reliable.
  4. Yeah I am on my iPad, some people say they update their drivers much less than Nvidia when it comes to bug issues on other games and compatibility.
  5. Amd launches about as often from what I can tell. They launch new drivers every month.
  6. That's just lies about reliability from AMD. AMD do in fact update their drivers almost as much as nVidia now.
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  8. thanks guys. Helpful place!
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