Gigabyte GTX 660 OC or Sapphire HD 7870 OC

I generally play most games like Assassins creed 3, BL2, Battlefield etc on 1680x1050. Not sure which graphics card I should get to replace my GTX 465 that burnt out on me :(. I'm leaning towards the 660 for the windforce cooling however the 7870 has a lot of headroom to overclock from what I've heard. Any help would be appreciated :)

Intel Core 2 duo E6570
Gigabtye G35-P35-DL
G.Skill 4GB DDR2
Coolermaster 650W PSU
ThermalTake V9
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  1. 7870 is a little stronger than the 660, and they are the same price.
  2. I would go for 7870 because you can overclock it further.
  3. I've never tried to overclock before due to all the risks involved
    but would you say the 7870 is relatively safe and easy to overclock?
  4. Most cards are safe to oc. Just don't go to far. If it gets to hot stop overclocking.
  5. Not sure where to post this, hope someone can provide some insight regarding my GTX 465 dying.

    I was playing WoW when the screen suddenly blacked out and I smelt burnt wire (you know the electric smell lol) but the game was still running without the display. Installed an another GFX card and now when the computer boots it only shows the boot screen for a split second and remains in the forever pitch black abyss which is my screen.

    Anyone got any ideas of which component is responsible?
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