Whats my pc worth

hi just wondering how much i should sell my pc for?

p5k motherboard
intel quad core q8200 2.33
antec 620 water cooling kit
6 gb kingston memory pc 5300
300 gb sata hdd
80 hdd
powercool terminator case with memory card ready and fan speed switch
2 xfx hd 6790`s crossfired
600 watt power unit
its got 4 ledlight fan 80mm 2 x 120mm and a 180 mm

ive got it on ebay heres the item number 271130148273 so you can have a better look at pics and what ive wrote

cheers all
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  1. If you like the 6790's, remove and use in your next system; you won't get your money back on them. Use a cheaper video card instead to sell it. Ballpark estimate:

    With the video cards in crossfire: $350-400
    With just one cheaper card $275-300

    The brand of power supply may also effect the value. What brand is yours?
  2. thanks for the reply ,il get the supply box out to see what it is,ive had a £500 offer
  3. That's a good offer. Take it before that person changes his mind.
  4. im gonna hes getting his money sorted over the next few days then its gone
  5. Hmm, I would say around $400 on eBay because these days many stores sell terrible PC's and very overpriced. This PC you have is a pretty decent old PC. Also another plus point is that you have dedicated graphics, that to, crossfired. Someone will easily buy this for around 300-500 dollars
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