660 ti vs 7950

The 660 ti is $20 cheaper on newegg.

My main concern is, which one will perform better at 1920x1080 on 3 different monitors. A 4th, 5th and 6th monitor are in my plans for the future as well as a dual video card setup. So, if one of those cards are weaker on a 1 card setup but stronger on a dual card setup, then I will get that one. If 1 card is better at single card but worse at dual, then I don't want that one.

I watched a youtube video that says 660 ti is better out of the box than a 7950 and also a lot quieter. Fan noise is a very big factor.

Almost all of the reviews I read says that 7950 is a better choice. I even asked the community and they all pointed me into the direction of the 7950.

The only thing that keeps holding me back is that I had used Nvidia cards for majority of my life. I switched to an ATI card 1 time and switched back to an Nvidia card right away. It wasn't so much the performance of the ATI card that I didn't like, it was the long load up time for the control panel and no digital vibrance.

But, now , I am willing to sacrifice digital vibrance for better performance if that is the case.

I need 1 last re-assurance before making my purchase.

Here are my 2 options.



please discuss.



i5 3570k
15gb 1600mhz
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  1. actually I think I would go with a 7950 over a 660 ti after doing more research.
    Would a 7870 ghz edition be a better choice over the 660 ti though? 7870 is roughly $30-$40 cheaper
  2. 7870 is generally about on-par with the more expensive 660 Ti, so I'd say that it's often a better choice, but some games may favor the 660 Ti with current drivers and if someone primarily plays such games, the 660 Ti would probably have the advantage.

    The 7950 is generally faster than the 660 Ti from what I've seen lately (especially with decent MSAA) and it has similar power consumption and such. AMD also has the Never Settle deal with free games, making it difficult to recommend Nvidia to anyone who doesn't refuse to buy AMD right now.
  3. I would go for 7950 a 660 trades blows with a 7870 so i am guessing a 660 ti is better then a 7870 the 7950 would be the better overall card between those so i vote 7950.
  4. yeah get the 7950. The 192 bit bus slows down the 660ti signifianctly
  5. If you want to use more the 3 monitors, go for Radeon cards.

    AMD/ATI is expert in multi display setups but weak on Stereoscopic display. For the Nvidia, it's the other way around.
  6. go with a 7950 if you want 3 monitor gaming, its the much better choice for higher resolutions. You'd probably want 2 of them in the future if you are serious about playing games on 3 or more monitors.
  7. A hd 7950 stock and a gtx 660 ti trades blows and each of them pull way ahead of the hd 7870.Like amd supports eyefinity for multi-monitors a 660 ti also supports 4 monitors from one card.For the price the gtx 660 ti is worth it.However the hd 7950 is the card if you're interested in using DP compute oriented applications.But if you like physx then you have to go the other way.
    No a 192 bit bus doesn't slow down a gtx 660 ti,it just doesn't make it a gtx 670.
    So its upto you which factors concern you more.
    In Black OPS II the more expensive 7950 boost edition and the 660 ti goes neck in neck.

    EDIT: the benchmark
  8. I also recommend the 7950. As you can see in my sig, my own rig has 2 of them since I own an Eyefinity setup myself. They're absolutely fantastic, can play everything well that I throw at them.

    Do note that to add another 3 monitors later (doesnt matter if you get a 2nd 7950 in Crossfire because you wont be able to use that card's video outputs) you will need to use adapters which can be a headache and costly.
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