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Hi, I have an Ibuypower computer with hd radeon 7770's crossfired. and an i5 3770k. I only got 30fps on minecraft so I thought it was the onboard intel hd 4000. So I uninstalled it and then my screen went black. How do I fix it? When I boot it up it says no signal. Please help.
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  1. did you plug the cord from your monitor into the motherboard or the video cards?
  2. Uhm. I plugged it into the one close to the top next to a little symbol that is a square inside a square.
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    that is the integrated graphics port.plug it into the port below the I/O panel or the square do you see above the power supply and to the right or the rubber groments
  4. You have the monitor plugged into the integrated video card. Plug the cable into the red plug on the bottom.
  5. IDK where you're pointing to
  6. If you look, he is plugging it into a VGA connection. His 7770's only have DVI and HDMI. Do you have a DVI or hdmi cable along with a monitor that has a dvi or hdmi connection?
  7. Down in the middle of your case, you have two red plugs which are the video hook up for the xfired 7770's. PLug the monitor cable into either one of them. Because they are xfired either will work
  8. and yes if your monitor is newer it will hav ethe DVI cable
  9. it wont fit in the red things or on my computer they're tan.
  10. Check the back of your monitor, do you have a connection that look like the red one on the back of your computer? It will probably not be red on your monitor, but it will look the same.
  11. Yes I do
  12. Ok, then you need a DVI cable to connect it from the back of your Monitor to the red port on your computer.
  13. Once you plug the cable in, make sure you select DVI at the source if the monitor does not auto detect.
  14. Ok either i lost it or it did not come with it. im going to buy one now, thanks for the help everyone
  15. My computer has no dvi port so I was going to get a hdmi cord instead but my monitor doesn't have a hdmi port. do i need a new monitor to use my video cards or can I use some sort of adapter?
  16. The red port on the back of your PC (if that picture is your pc) is the DVI port.
  17. i got the computer at bestbuy and bestbuy got it from ibuypower so I got the computer i have on and copy and pasted the picture. It's all the same components but for some reason I have hdmi ports instead of dvi.
  18. They do make adapters if you don't want to change your monitor.
  19. This is what a DVI port looks like.

    You will have two of these on the back, down where the slots for expansion cards are.
  20. derp. okay I have the dvi cable and everything is hooked up and it worked. thanks guys!
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