Can i use msi r7870 twin frzr for 3D gaming?

guys...i intend to play 3d games...does my msi 7870 twin frzr could play 3d games?

i plan to buy sony ex720 3d tv 46" for my vga pair..
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  1. AMD cards support HD3D. Unless specifically designed for AMD cards, like the Samsung 700 series (I'm not aware of any others), you need either one that supports displayport (not found on TV's), or HDMI 1.4a. HDMI 1.4a will only support 720p at 60hz per eye. 1080 will limit you to 24hz or 30hz, which is not good for gaming.

    If HDMI 1.4b ever starts to be supported, then 1080p will be available, but it is not as far as I know of. You'd be best off with a Samsung 750 or 950 model for 3D with AMD.
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