Hello everyone,

I just bought and built my new PC and am currently experiencing a love/hate relationship with it.


Windows 7 home premium 64bit
Intel Core i5-3570k CPU @ 3.40ghz quad-core
8gb DDR3 Ram 1600mbs
DirectX 11
650 Watt power supple
Asus P8z77-v LX Mobo

sadly no graphics card at this time just the integrated
Intel HD Graphics 4000

When i attempt to play certain games in full screen my computer freezes...Able to run Leauge of Legends no problem, but The WarZ or LotRO cant be run in full screen. LotRO works in windows however.

I do not know what the problem is, ive updated my drivers and no results. Also I cant see any BSOD because when the game open the computer freezes, no functionality at all, sound also glitches out.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I was able to run all these games on my laptop which is a hell of a lot older than this thing....but i was running at 3-15 FPS at best xD
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  1. prathera93 said:
    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    This is your problem. It just cannot handle the game. I reccommend you to get a graphics card, which is million times better than that Intel.
  2. One more problem can be the OS. Is it Genuine?

    Download the latest drivers for the HD4000, and then try running it.
  3. vinaykumar5320 said:
    One more problem can be the OS. Is it Genuine?

    How would a fake windows OS hang games on fullscreen ? :heink:
  4. I gamed on the HD4000 for a while. Some games were not compatible with it (Fallout 3 required an extra .dll file iirc and still crashed out). Just Cause 2 ran fine. Many games ran fine.

    What is the PSU you have?
    It's likely the HD4000. Although it is pretty good for being integrated, I don't think all games can utilize it correctly or something.
  5. mayankleoboy1 said:
    How would a fake windows OS hang games on fullscreen ? :heink:

    A lot no. of Directx files are incompatible with the fake OS. Also, there are many files in the Drivers which are skipped during installation in the fake OS.
  6. The OS is genuine,
    i have the most up to date driver for the HD4000,
    the PSU is Antec 650w

    the thing that bugs me is that It won't run with this integrated card but can run in my Toshiba Satellite C655 no problem...well at 3-15 fps..but without crashing.

    I know i should just spend the money and get the graphics card but at the moment I squeezed my pockets to get what i currently have. Such is the life of a college student xD

    P.S. I appreciate everyone's help tremendously!
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