CPU cooler?

Should I get a new cpu cooler or stick with the one that comes with the CPU?
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  1. I would at least put a CM hyper 212 evo on that chip. You could get away with the stock cooler if you don't over clock it and have good airflow. It's pretty cheap for around $25. But if you doing some major overcloking, you will need something better.
  2. Unless you like to tinker with the computer and overclock your probablly better off with the stock intel cooler.
  3. MY intention is not to overclock,
    so.. no need of something better?
  4. no if you have on need for overclocking and are absolutely positive you wont then dont get it, though if down the line you decide to overclock get a hyper 212+ and taht should be sufficient enough to overclock, if you really want to overlcock like as far as is possible for the chip to handle you will need to get water cooing but dont worry about that until you really need it

    Hyper 212+
  5. No, you dont need anything better
  6. If you are not overclocking the only reason to add an aftermarket cooler is to reduce noise . The stock cooler is fine for everything else .

    If you do want to quiet your PC then the
    Scythe Kabuto 2
    could be the best bang for buck vs noise
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